Smaller, more light, more powerful download management tool

Quick installation, the ultimate experience, just one!

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Powerful download management tool

Download Manager

Easily manage your Chrome browser to download content, monitor downloads. Search, clear, restart your download.

Media Finder

Find in page media resource (video, audio, photos ...), one click for batch download

Personalized Configuration

You can freely configure it, just as you like

Simple & Light

Simple, lightweight and easy to use, easy to get started fast

Refined software interface


Media Finder

Extended configuration

Download notification

User's Comments:

Yogesh N Vedd: I highly recommend using this App. It is great for simplicity and fast download from Youtube. Thanks and appreciate a lot for your hardwork.

Bigul Seitova: Спасибо разработчикам, не представляю как можно обходится без этой программы, ежедневно мы загружаем и выгружаем что-нибудь, для этого лучше программы нет.

Travis Budke:I love this extension more than any of my other favorites and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a download extension. It's so perfect!:D

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