#1 Turn on function/ Show only download button

Turn on function:
Select this option, you can choose the following list of features to be turned on or off

Show only download button :
Select this, only display a "chrome: // downloads" shortcut, all of other settings will be temporarily disabled

#2 Download Completion Notifications

When Checked, there will be sound play when the download is complete, otherwise muted

Notification residence time:
controll the download complete notification duration (unit: seconds, default is 5)

#3 Chrome Downloads Bar

Whether to open Chrome the default Downloads Bar

#4 Show number in icon

Whether to display download completed number on the icon

#5 On Notification Click, Do

When the download notifications click, do :
Open "chrome://downloads";
Open the file ;
Open the folder

#6 Preview list

Whether to open the preview list feature:
When click the icon, open the preview list or open the "chrome://downloads"

#7 Media Finder

Whether to open the Media Resource Detection function:
After opening, it can detect page media resources (Video, Audio, Pictures)

#8 Language Switch

If the speech recognition error, you can switch to your favorite language